Minimum order requirement is €500 for free delivery for EU countries (except Lithuania). Should your order fall below this amount, your order will be subject from a €20 to a €45 carriage charge.

In Lithuania minimum order requirement is €50 for free delivery. Should your order fall below this amount, your order will be subject to a €3 carriage charge.

Paymen Terms                                                                                                                                                 .

Goods are sold on a Cash-on-Delivery basis, or prepay on a courier delivery. Once a relationship has been built and if credit terms have been agreed between the customer and VITEKA JSC, then it is essential that these terms are adhered to. Statements are issued at the beginning of the month and payments should be made before the 15th day of the same month. On this date, all monies for the previous month fall due.


Should a customer have a legitimate reason for returning goods, the goods must be accompanied by the appropriate VITEKA documentation detailing the circumstances of the return. If goods are being returned on the same day as delivery, then it is sufficient to record details on the delivery invoice. A claim cannot be processed before the relevant goods have been returned. We must be advised within 3 days of you receiving stock if there was a problem with your delivery. Please double check your codes before placing your orders as mistakes are expensive for everyone, and incur a 10% restocking fee.

Ownership of Goods

Goods remain the property of VITEKA until full payment has been received.

Shelf Life

Goods supplied at ambient temperature will be supplied with a minimum of 180 days shelf life.

Pricelist Period

Prices charged at invoice relate to when an invoice is printed. Should customers order at the cusp of the month, customers should be careful as to which price list their order relates. While every effort will be made to be faithful to offered prices, VITEKA reserves the right to adjust prices if necessary. All prices are in EURO and exclude VAT where applicable.

Case Sizes

Goods are sold in quantities as detailed in the price list.


VITEKA gives no formal undertaking as to the suitability of any given product for any consumer. Both customers and end users should inform themselves fully before using any goods distributed by VITEKA.

These terms and conditions in no way upon a consumer's statutory rights.